What They're Saying

Our clients are pleased to endorse us. Here are a few, and what they've said.

Ian Bathgate, Arable Farmer

Ian is an arable farmer growing fodder beet, cereal silage and barley on the Taieri Plains. He's used Agrispray and Equipment Ltd since they set up in the nineties. Ian says, "They're up to speed with the weeds — which we have plenty of on the Taieri. It's all about timing. They walk the crops on a regular basis and have the knowledge; and always get the right result."

Andrew Gray, Sheep and Beef Farmer

Andrew grows winter feed of swedes and kale on his Waitahuna farm in the Clutha District. Recently he has moved from ploughing to direct drilling and he has found Agrispray & Equipment Ltd indispensable to the health of his crops. Andrew says, "Other farmers may have their own regimes, but I've found following Agrispray's advice to be bang on. Their after-sales follow-up is doubly reassuring."

Jim Ironside, Sheep Farmer

With over 6000 sheep on 1,000 hectares, Jim's farm, at Bushey Park on the coast of East Otago, is a pastoral Eden - with all the attendant problems of growing good grass and feed; thrips, springtail and grassgrub to mention just a few. He's been using Agrispray & Equipment Ltd expertise for many seasons, with Mark dropping in regularly on his rounds. "Many people will offer you advice," says Jim, "but a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, so using dedicated expertise is good insurance. Agrispray have the exact herbicide or insecticide for any specific pest, no guessing. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them."

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