Peter Thomson, Owner/Manager

Peter Thomson, Owner/Manager

Peter has been in the agricultural chemical business for over 40 years as a specialist in wholesale, retail and distribution. In 1991 he bought Agrispray & Equipment Ltd. and is committed to the safe, responsible and effective use of agri-chemicals. He's never happier than when pulling on the gumboots and walking crops or pasture with his clients, identifying their specific needs and appropriate solutions.

Peter says, "On some farms I’m dealing with the third generation on that property, from the original farmer, their son and grandson. To be invited back onto the same farm over three generations we must have the right business approach."

Needless to say, he gets immense satisfaction from seeing farmers' crops thrive and reach maximum yields, following Agrispray's treatments to control infestations of weeds or Insects.

Peter is a family man with a keen interest in forestry, farming and fishing. When he's not caring for his much loved trees, he's out on the boat with rod and line.



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