Spray Equipment

Agrispray and Equipment stock a wide variety of agrichemical equipment for all your wants and needs. We can equip you with everything you need to control weeds, pests and diseases, from small scale properties to large scale farms.

Hand Held

Agrispray offer a range of Hand Held sprayers such as this Hand Held Solo 416 Sprayer. With this sprayer there is no effort required and it's free of noise and emissions! This sprayer is ideal for greenhouses or pest control aplications in enclosed spaces. Contact us today or click here to request a hand held spray unit.

12 Volt Powered

Picture here is the Ezi-Spot 200 litre trailer by Bertolini, it comes with 6.8 l.p.m. 107 p.s.i. "Smoothflo" pump, and 30 metre Ezi-Reel, M30 spray lance. It's ideal for spot spraying around the farm. 12 volt powered sprayers also come in a variety of tank sizes suitable for mounting directly onto your ATV. Call us today or click here to request a spray unit if you're interested in purchasing a 12 volt powered pump for your property.

Deck Mounted

Agrispray can help with ute and truck sprayers, which are designed to suit the contractor or farmer who has long distances between spray jobs. Pictured is a Land Cruiser with a deck mounted sprayer. We build spraying solutions to suit you, utilizing the lastest technology to ensure outstanding performance in the field. Call us today or request a spray unit via our website by clicking here.

3 Point Linkage

3 Point Linkage Sprayers come in a range of sizes and accross manual, electric or computer sprayer controlled. Tank size options range from 200-1900 litres. Your choice of boom is fitted to accurately apply all chemical products including fertilisers. Choose your pump to suit boom or handgun.  Call us today or alternatively use our online form to request a spray unit by clicking here.


Trailed sprayers are subject to various forces generated by the dynamic effect of liquid in motion. These forces need to be isolated at the trailer and not transferred to the vehicle. That's why it's best to talk to the team at Agrispray about finding the right Trailing sprayer for you.

Self Propelled

There's a lot to think about before purchasing a self propelled sprayer. Technology is becoming very popular in self-propelled sprayers. Whether it’s a lightbar, rate controller
upgrade, boom height control, or automatic shutoff, all of these options can
increase the efficiency of the application and save money. Do you want to try to match up the boom with your planter size to drive on the same tracks as your tractor? There's lots to consider, so call the team at Agrispray to discuss your needs and requirements today or alternatively you can book a spray unit through our covenient online form by clicking here

Weed Wiper

Wiping means you can target your erect weeds without harming valuable pasture. The automated control system ensures the exact amount of herbicide is being applied for the best kill everytime. Weed wiping also allows you to operate in a wider range of weather conditions. Contact us today to see if this is the right option for you or request a spray unit through our online form by clicking here.


Waterblasters come in a wide range of specs and styles. Call us today to discuss your needs, and we'll put you onto the right track or you can easily request a spray unit using our online form by clicking here

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